Okayama University 70th Anniversary Commemoration held

May 23, 2019

Okayama University, in commemoration of its 70th anniversary on May 31, held an anniversary ceremony at Hotel Granvia Okayama on May 19.
The ceremony attracted approximately 300 participants including university officials, alumni, and professors emeritus, as well as educators from Okayama Prefecture and other areas and political and business figures. President MAKINO Hirofumi delivered an address, saying, “I would like all people to recognize the great potential of Okayama University as we continue to create and provide new value from Okayama to the world with the involvement of local communities, while pursuing sustainability and the well-being of the earth and human beings through further efforts regarding education, research, and social contribution.” Congratulatory messages were presented by H.E. Mr. SHIBAYAMA Masahiko, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (read by Mr. HAKUI Yoshinori, Director of the Higher Education Bureau, MEXT) and Governor IBARAGI Ryuta of Okayama Prefecture.
The first inaugural conferment ceremony of a “special honorary member,” acknowledging a person who has contributed greatly to the university’s development, was also conducted on this occasion. President Makino presented the certificate to Mr. KONAGA Keiichi, member of the inaugural class of the Faculty of Law and Letters and chair of the Alumni Okayama University. A relief bust of Mr. Konaga, sculpted by Professor Emeritus UEDA Hisatoshi, was also presented.
Commemorative lectures were presented after the ceremony. President Makino gave a lecture under the title of “Passion of Okayama and school philosophy to be passed down to the future” and introduced the university’s perspectives toward a new stage, focusing on the SDGs in university management. Mr. Konaga, under the title of “Qualities and the way of life of a leader—on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Former Prime Minister TANAKA Kakuei,” looked back on his experiences as Executive Secretary to Prime Minister Tanaka and the Vice-Minister of International Trade and Industry, and talked about the qualities required for a leader and mental attitude to overcome difficulties.
Okayama University will continue putting an all-out effort into educational, research and social contribution activities to create a world-renowned “Fruitful Academic Capital,” made possible only in Okayama.